The DisiAq Reproductive Activation Kit (BMP1009) may be purchased here.

In ordering this product you are agreeing to our terms and conditions (see Terms).

The product code is BMP1009 (pronounced 'Ten-O-Nine').

The price is GBP250 (that is, £250). Some customers will have to pay UK Value Added Tax (20%, GBP50, that is £50). The shipping (postage and packing) cost will vary according to your location.

All customers outside the European Union (EU) should use Option 1 below.

All UK customers should use Option 2.

EU customers outside the UK should use Option 3 if registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) in their own country.

EU customers outside the UK should use Option 4 if NOT registered for VAT.

Option 1: World (excluding EU)

This button is for all customers situated outside the EU. (UK VAT not payable.)

£250 + £20 postage and packing (p&p) = £270

World (excluding EU)

Option 2: UK only

This button is for all UK customers. (UK VAT payable.)

£250 + £50 VAT + £10 p&p = £310

UK only

Option 3: EU (VAT registered)

This button is for EU customers outside the UK who are VAT registered in their own country and therefore not liable to pay UK VAT. These customers should provide a two-letter country code and a VAT number, which information we will display on your invoice/receipt.

£250 + £20 p&p = £270

EU (VAT registered)

Option 4: EU (Not registered for VAT)

This button is for EU customers outside the UK who are not registered for VAT in their own country. (UK VAT payable.)

£250 + £50 VAT + £20 p&p = £320

EU (Not registered for VAT)

If you wish to pay through the post by cheque, you can use the address below. Cheques from outside the UK in a local currency are acceptable, at the currency conversion rate prevailing on the date that the cheque is made out.

If you are paying by cheque, please tell us when you have mailed it by sending an informal email to info@breedmore.com. This helps us to schedule production.

Cheques should be made out to 'Breed More Products' and posted to:

Breed More Products
P O Box 5090
Radstock BA3 9BA
United Kingdom

Thank you!

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