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DisiAq is a supplement kit for making creatures reproduce (i.e. have offspring) or if they are already reproducing, to have more offspring.

DisiAq is for research use only in conservation and other breeding projects involving endangered and other special-interest animals.

DisiAq makes every season potentially a breeding season. The product takes the pressure off keepers, who no longer have to provide ideal breeding conditions for the animals in their care. Depletion of wild stocks can be avoided and habitats restocked, notably with keystone and iconic species.

The supplement mixture is simply added to drinking water or to the water in which the organisms lives - hence the 'Aq' in DisiAq, as in aqueous.

The kit contains a special combination of benign foodstuff materials that provokes breeding in invertebrates and vertebrates, but not in microbial or plant populations. The constituents break down into non-specific nutrients and other inconsequential materials, providing no environmental hazard.

Users of the product are urged to follow carefully the protocols in the pack leaflet. A thoughtful and versatile approach is however recommended. We have tested DisiAq with success on representative organisms across the phyla (see Case Studies), but there are a lot of species out there and you are far likelier to be the expert on your animals than we are.

DisiAq supplement kit is for research use only in conservation zoology, agriculture etc. This product has not been tested in humans and is not intended for use in humans. In the event of accidental ingestion by a human, medical intervention will not be required. Contraception ought however to be considered.


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